Cinevideo delivered the world feed for the TOMMYxGIGI fashion event during the MILANO FASHION WEEK. 6 HD cameras, 1 RF, 1 Jimmy Jib and one Cablecam for this massive event.

Our OB1 was involved in the coverage of the TENNIS FED CUP in Chieti between Italy and Spain.

Sky Italia used our DOLPHIN 7.0 to produce the match PESCARA VS PERUGIA in 4K HDR. For the first time SKY also put on-air the game and customers, able to receive the 4K test channel with the new SKY Q, can appreciate the quality of the 4K. For the match we used 5 Sony HDC43000 in HDR and 1 I-MOVIX UHD SSM3X infinite in 4K. All the match was covered in BT-2020 and delivered in S-Log3.

Our facilities were used during the Rugby Test Match 2017 in Catania, Firenze and Padova for guarantee the unilateral coverage for the Italian Broadcaster DMAX through our client 3ZERO2TV.

Cinevideo, at IBC 2017, presented the new UHD HDR OBVAN called DOLPHIN 7.0 The truck, with 3 expansions side (around 60sqm), can accomodate up to 2 different productions in the same truck with operational spaces that make the vehicle one of the most powerful on the market. Dolphin 7.0 can have up to 24 cameras UHD HDR, is equipped with the powerful SONY XVS-8000 video mixer with 3 ICPX-7000 control panel , HD/3G IMAGINE IP3 router, 12G ULTRIX by ROSS matrix, audio consolle CALREC ARTEMIS, intercom RIEDEL ARTIST and server replay EVS. For more informations […]

Cinevideo supply ULTRA E-MOTION systems for the TIM CUP FINAL in Rome between JUVENTUS and LAZIO. This year we covered the game with one I-MOVIX INFINITE and one ANTELOPE PICO mounted on a POLECAM with the ROBYHEAD XS (ROBYHEAD XS is the first head in broadcasting industry specially designed for small cameras and carbon-fiber Polecam cranes) in partnership with MOVICOM.

The #EPCC closing scene with Alessandro Cattelan and Fabri Fibra was made by CINEVIDEO with Hypermotion I-MOVIX INFINITE systems. Our UHD INFINITE camera has been installed on a circular track that in 30 seconds of continuous recording at 500fps has produced the videoclip of the new HIT of Fabri Fibra “PAMPLONA” Here’s the full video: