Cinevideo with the innovative and exclusive “BOLT” (MrMoco) ,equipped with the PHANTOM FLEX 4K, realized the shooting of the X-FACTOR 2016 finalist. For more info pleas contact us.

CINEVIDEO, always on the cutting edge of technology for shooting at high frame rates, choose the INFINITE systems from I-MOVIX. INFINITE is THE FIRST EXCLUSIVE CAMERA PROVIDING ULTRA-SLOW MOTION IN HD AND 4K WITH THE EQUIVALENT OF 12 CHANNELS IN SUPER SLOW MOTION WITH PRODUCTION SERVER FEATURES. INFINITE is a radically different new ultra-slow motion camera system that combines extreme scalability with trigger-less operation, and is the first to provide continuous on-board loop recording of more than an hour of high frame rate in HD and frame-accurate ramping of speed without compensation and interpolation. Based […]