Cinevideo supply ULTRA E-MOTION systems for the TIM CUP FINAL in Rome between JUVENTUS and LAZIO. This year we covered the game with one I-MOVIX INFINITE and one ANTELOPE PICO mounted on a POLECAM with the ROBYHEAD XS (ROBYHEAD XS is the first head in broadcasting industry specially designed for small cameras and carbon-fiber Polecam cranes) in partnership with MOVICOM.

The #EPCC closing scene with Alessandro Cattelan and Fabri Fibra was made by CINEVIDEO with Hypermotion I-MOVIX INFINITE systems. Our UHD INFINITE camera has been installed on a circular track that in 30 seconds of continuous recording at 500fps has produced the videoclip of the new HIT of Fabri Fibra “PAMPLONA” Here’s the full video:

In the matches between JUVENTUS/BARCELLONA and JUVENTUS/MONACO for the HOST BROADCASTER MEDIASET , Ultra E-Motion services have been provided with the innovative INFINITE technology that allows you to record in trigger-less mode and instantly replay the slomo in Hyper Motion.