For the TIM CUP FINAL 2018 we supplied 2 x UltraEmotion cameras and, in partnership with our friends of MOVICOM Italy, a polecam with a ANTELOPE PICO UltraSlowMotion mini camera.

Cinevideo covered the game ROMA/JUVENTUS in Rome for Sky Italia with the brand new ObVan Dolphin 7.0, equipped with 18 HD cameras and an UltraEmotion camera. In addition to international production and the unilateral Sky feed on board, other 2 ObVans were given for the unilateral of Mediaset and for Rai.

Dolphin 7.0 used for HB and unilateral production for the matches of Uefa Europaleague NAPOLI / LIPSIA and LAZIO / SALTSBURG. 16 HD cameras, 2 Supermotion 3X and an UltraEmotion cameras for international coverage of these events.